What is Flexcrete?

FRM Flexcrete is a Green Concrete Product that is sustainable.
Sustainability is a complex subject. In its basic meaning it is being aware of the interdependence between our economic activities, our social values, and our planets capabilities. It’s about finding ways to meet our needs in one area without diminishing or damaging another for today and the future.

Concrete is a friend of the environment in all stages of its life span, from raw material production to demolition, making it a natural choice for sustainable construction. Concrete also supports recycling in that it can be made using by products from manufacturing plants and power plants, thus sugnificantly reducing landfill waste. Concrete can be crushed and recycled as flexcrete and other high quality aggregate for hundreds of applications.

FRM has developed products and mix designs (Flex designs) that are flexible in terms of meeting standard concrete needs as well as sustainable concrete needs.  FRM Flexcrete uses 40% to 100% recycled products. Contact our sales team to see how our Flexcrete product can contribute to the sustainability needs of your next project. Sustainability drives LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design). LEED is the set of green building specifications being adopted by a significant and growing number of governments and large developers.

If you are a developer, contractor or do-it-yourselfer, you can take advantage of FRM Flexcrete. Join the team, be Green.  Our company stands by our motto “Make It Happen — We Can Do It.”


Folsom Ready Mix is ready to serve your large commercial projects. Our experienced staff can create mixes for a variety of architectural and engineering requirements. Call us at 916-851-8300 to consult with our professional sales team for mix specifics, scheduling and pricing estimates.

We provide concrete and aggregate for:

  • Tilt-up construction
  • Bridges
  • House slabs
  • Driveways
  • Transportation Projects
  • Any type of concrete structure
  • Commercial buildings
  • Underground projects
  • Light weight decs
Feel free to call us anytime at 916-851-8300 for more information or to place your order.
Our sales team can help you with your project.


What is ready mixed concrete?

It is a type of concrete manufactured according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a worksite by truck. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites. Concrete is made of a variety of substances, including sand, rock, gravel, cement and additives that give the concrete different characteristics.

Ready mix concrete has come a long way from the boring gray concrete of yesterday. Now, homeowners and businesses can enjoy added colors, stains, high gloss sealers and stamps to beautify your patio or even indoor flooring and countertops!

Mix designs can be created to fit any job requirement. We provide concrete and aggregate for:
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • House slabs
  • Driveways
Feel free to call us anytime at 916-851-8300 for more information or to place your order.  Our sales team will gladly help you with your project.