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Kelsie Monroe

Kelsie Monroe has worked for Folsom Ready Mix since March 25th, 2019 as our Reporting Analyst.

Who Inspires You? My parents and my fiance’s parents. Cole and I are both blessed to have amazing parents who show us daily what it looks like to love one another, work hard, and always make family a priority. Cole and I are getting married next year, and now more than ever, we are seeing how lucky we are to have such strong examples to admire and look up to.

What was the best concert you ever attended? Whiskey Myers. Hands down, absolutely incredible.

Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they? Refurbishing old furniture and decorating my house! I love working on little projects over the weekend.

What is your favorite place in the world or where would you want to travel to and why? My favorite place that I’ve been to so far is Tennessee. But I would love to travel to Greece!

What’s the last book you read? Would you recommend it? Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey. It’s so good, would recommend it to anyone who is interested in bettering their life financially. This book gives you practical step by step solutions to get out of debt, save money, invest, and prepare for your financial future.

What are you passionate about? Learning and growing in my career, sports, financial well-being, and home decor.

What is your favorite movie? It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s a beautiful classic! It’s a fictional story, where the main character (George) thinks his life is worthless. He is about to commit suicide when his guardian angel comes and saves his life and shows George what the world would look like without him in it. When he sees the world from this perspective, he finally realizes that he really does have a wonderful life. He sees how he has impacted so many other people, so many people love him, and nothing in the world would be the same without him in it. It totally changed the way he viewed his life, and from that moment on he began being grateful for absolutely everything… even the silly mundane things that he once thought were meaningless.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done and would you do it again? A few years ago, I decided to give up coaching softball at the collegiate level. Instead of looking for a job right away, I spent the last $600 I had going on a last minute, week long trip to Mexico with no real plans. I will NEVER do that again (sorry Dave Ramsey). Lol!! But I had a blast. No regrets! Haha!

What is your favorite part of your job? I love how I get to see and experience many different aspects of the business. From sales, to dispatch, to reporting, to accounting… in my role, I really get to see how each aspect of this business is interconnected and dependent on one another.

How long have you been working for Folsom Ready Mix? One year on March 25th!

Where are you from originally? Los Banos, CA.

What is the funniest thing that your pet does? We have two cats that do absolutely everything together. I love watching them run around the house and play together. Getting the laser pointer out and watching them run around like crazy is a sure way to make me laugh. They are wild!

What is a project you’re currently working on? The coolest work project has been watching the Submittal Request Form come to fruition online with our customers. This idea has been months in the making and it is so exciting to watch it come to life! At home, my fiance Cole and I have about 1,000 projects going on. The biggest one is obviously planning our wedding! We are also planning on turning our garage into a workout space, we are getting new couches in the living room, and I am in the process of redecorating a guest bedroom and an office. It’s overwhelming, but also so exciting! Definitely never a dull moment, that’s for sure.

What is your biggest pet peeve? Unmade beds, unwashed dishes, people who don’t unload the clean dishes and let dirty ones pile up in the sink (I’m a neat freak, clearly…) Lol!

What is one of your biggest secrets? A secret or hidden talent? I actually have severe hearing loss… I’ve been that way since I was a baby, I’ve learned to compensate and read lips to make up for what I don’t hear and half the time I don’t even realize I’m doing it; one of my doctors even told me he was surprised that I made it through school without sign or an aide to help me. Kind of crazy! So if I ever ignore you, just get my attention again. I probably just didn’t hear you the first time.

Favorite Family Traditions? Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the night of Thanksgiving with my family to ‘officially’ kick off the Christmas season!

What was your favorite TV show growing up or favorite music you listened to? Favorite TV Shows: Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire, Full House. Music: Dixie Chicks, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing your current position? Hmmm… I’m not sure? I’d probably be a teacher!

If you could splurge on one thing, what would it be? Right now… a new couch and a new rug!

What is the coolest experience you’ve had? Definitely playing Division I softball. Getting to travel the country with my best friends and play a game that I absolutely love on the best fields in the world was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.