Not All Concrete
Is Created Equal

It is a misconception that one load of concrete is equal to the next. Many things affect the durability, strength and appearance of concrete from when it is manufactured at the plant all the way down to the finishing process. To ensure a high quality and consistent product, Folsom Ready Mix utilizes premium, environmentally friendly materials in all its concrete to maximize strength and assist its customers in the finishing process.

Folsom Ready-Mix Products

  • Folsom's bread and butter has always been its ability to provide high quality concrete for any application. From complex industrial applications to decorative patios and pool decks, Folsom Ready Mix has the right concrete mix for you. And if we don't we will engineer one for your needs.

  • As part of FRM's environmentally conscious operating model, we offer recycled aggregates to be utilized for various applications. All aggregates are developed from recycled come-back concrete to minimize the impact on the environment.

  • For the convenience of our customers, FRM provides ancillary building products such as felt expansion, bolts, and surface treatments just to name a few. Contact our sales or service staff for more information.

  • Folsom Ready Mix has a line of Green renewable products including concrete retaining blocks developed with recycled concrete, green concrete mixes that contain more then 40% recycled products.

  • Air-Entraining agents are liquid chemicals added during mixing to produce microscopic air bubbles in concrete.

Concrete Additive


Admixtures are materials other than cement, sand, aggregates, and water that are added to concrete or mortar immediately before or during mixing to either modify the properties of hardened concrete or to ensure the quality of concrete during mixing, transporting, placing, and curing. Admixtures can be used to provide greater plasticity, workability and earlier levels of strength than from normal concrete.

Seven core areas that make up admixtures

Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCM’s)

Supplementary cementitious materials, also called mineral admixtures, contribute to the properties of
hardened concrete through hydraulic or pozzolanic activity. Typical examples are natural pozzolans, fly ash, ground granulated blast-furnace slag, metakaolin, and silica fume which can be used in conjunction with Portland cement to product various hardened concrete properties.

These materials react chemically with calcium hydroxide released from the hydration of Portland cement to form cement compounds. These materials are often added to concrete to reduce permeability, increase strength, or influence other concrete properties. Fly ash, the most commonly used pozzolan in concrete, is a finely divided residue that results from the combustion of pulverized coal and is carried from the combustion chamber of the furnace by exhaust gases. Commercially available fly ash is a by-product of thermal power generating stations.

Set Accelerators

Concrete sets more slowly when it is cold, especially slow when it is below 50 degrees. Accelerating chemicals reduce the initial set time of concrete and are recommended in cold weather. In cold weather, set accelerators will greatly reduce the time required for finishing activities. With the proper use of accelerators, concrete can be put into service within hours of placement if needed.

Folsom Ready Mix can recommend a dosage rate based on your project needs and set time requirements.


Retarding chemicals have the opposite effect of accelerating chemicals, delaying initial set times of concrete. Such admixtures are primarily used during hot weather or when travel times from the plant to the project location exceed 45 minutes one way. Retarders delay the hydration of cementitious materials through a chemical process. This allows customers to continue to place and finish the concrete mix even when there are extremely hot temperatures as well as a longer than normal travel times from the time the concrete is manufactured at the plant to when it is poured at the job site. In addition, we recommend utilizing retarders when placing lightweight concrete, shotcrete, pervious, and anything with low water to cement ratio.

Folsom offers retarding admixtures in varying doses based on your project needs. We’re happy to consult with you on your project’s specific needs to identify the right dosage to ensure maximum strength and workability.

Water Reducers

Water reducers are used to promote the “finishability” of concrete by allowing an increased slump or increased workability without negatively impacting the durability, strength or water-cement ratio. Often times water reducers are utilized to help with finishing as they create a “creamier” product without increasing the water content in the concrete mix. Typically, the higher the water to cement ratio the lower the strength of the concrete and the higher risk for cracking. Additionally, water reducers can be utilized to help with pumping of concrete as they help maintain a consistent slump without the use of water. Again, this helps the workability of the concrete mix without sacrificing strength.

Folsom offers the full range of water reducers, from low range, mid-range and high. Each type of water reducer offers specific properties depending on what you are trying to achieve with your concrete mix whether it be early strength requirements, slump retention or general workability.

Fiber / Strength Enhancement

Concrete has natural strength in compression (squeezing force) but little tensile strength (pulling force). For this reason, many contractors utilize steel mesh or rebar to reinforce concrete’s tensile strength. In addition to steel, synthetic fibers also have relatively high tensile strength to aid in supplementing the tensile strength of concrete.

Folsom Ready Mix offers a wide range of concrete fibers to help improve durability and control cracking on your project. Fibers work by adding bonding properties within the concrete mix thus holding cracks (not seen on the surface) tight. Fibers are especially effective against “plastic shrinkage cracking” that occurs as water works its way out of the concrete during the cure process. Additionally, fibers can also help prevent cracking caused through settlement through the same bonding properties. Certain fibers can be replacements for rebar and other steel applications on a job. However, you should consult your contractor and/or Folsom Ready Mix for guidance prior to eliminating all steel in your project.

Specific Performance or Specialty Admixtures

There are several specialty admixtures that can aid in various concrete applications. Please consult with a sales or quality representative for ideas or help with these unique products.

Some common products that we carry are:
Viscosity Modifying Admixture (VMA)- This product helps to make a plastic concrete mix more cohesive helping in pumping and placement activities.

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture- This product when used at varying doses can help to reduce concrete shrinkage during the curing process. This will result in a more durable concrete and help to aid in crack reduction.

Water Proofing Admixture- Xypex or Moxie are commonly used products for water proofing applications. We carry both products and would be happy to discuss its application and recommended dosage rates.

There are several other types of specialty materials that can help with many other applications. If you are pouring under water or in a highly congested area with lots of reinforcement or rebar we can help find a solution for you!


Folsom Ready Mix offers a wide range of liquid color additives that will provide a long-lasting and visually appealing concrete product for any home. Our color admixtures are integrated into our concrete mix designs and automatically dosed at our plants to help maintain consistency across multiple loads. However, variation can occur due to the natural properties associated with our aggregates (rock and sand) as well as our cementitious materials, among other factors.

In addition to the standard options, we also offer color matching for colors that are not offered by our supplier. In addition, for projects requiring green color additives we require a minimum 1 week lead time to get those pigments in due to low demand. Consult our sales department for questions regarding any colored concrete solutions.

Alliance Partners

Davis Colors mix into any concrete,transforming it into a new design feature for building and paving projects or to enhance appearance around the home. Davis ColorsTM are strong, durable and last as long as the concrete.
Since 1909, BASF has dedicated itself to providing the ready mixed concrete industry with a full range of the most technologically advanced chemical admixtures. Strength, durability, and placeability have always been and continue to be important issues to ready mix concrete.
Solomon UltraFiber 500 is an alkaline resistant cellulose microfiber for concrete reinforcement. UltraFiber 500 provides an excellent alternative to traditional secondary reinforcement – improving durability, impact resistance, shatter resistance, and freeze/thaw resistance without compromising appearance or finishability.