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Folsom Ready Mix is ready to serve your large commercial projects. Our experienced staff can create mixes for a variety of architectural and engineering requirements. Our sales team is here to help you with your order from recommendations through delivery.

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Preparation + Tools = Successful DIY

When working with concrete, it’s all about proper preparation and the right tools. It starts with building your forms.  YouTube and many DIY sites will show you how. Ordering is next. We make it easy with a chart on our DIY Guide (below). Order enough, even a bit more, so that on the day of the pour, you’ll be able to finish the job. There are special tools on that day too.

Folsom Ready Mix is Here to Help:

  • Forming: Visit DIY sites for the required tools and proper techniques.
  • Ordering: Know the right “Slump”? We’ll give you recommendations.
  • Pour Day: Order a pump to speed up the pour
    and lower costs, and have helpers plus tools.
  • Too Intimidating? No worries!
    We have the phone numbers of reputable contractors.


Whether you are a homeowner with a single project or a contractor with regular needs, Folsom Ready Mix is committed to being your concrete project partner from start to finish. Your investment in us and our products is our top priority. From order placement to manufacturing to delivery of our products, every customer touch point matters because each interaction is a chance for us to win your repeat business and recommendation.

Order accuracy, delivery timeliness and follow-up of on-site issues are our primary focus for every project requiring proactive and honest communication. We realize hiccups can occur, but we pride ourselves on helping our customers through them and hold ourselves accountable should we be the cause. Your feedback is important to us as the only way we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations. Let us prove our commitment of service to you today!

Local Delivery

Serving Northern California:
Sacramento | Redding/Anderson | Roseville

Our large network of professionals are ready to go to work on your project. They can arrange delivery and be there to put the perfect finish on your job.

Take a look at our contractor maps. We deliver within about 30 miles of our Sacramento, Redding/Anderson and Roseville locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What concrete mix should I use?

The type of concrete mix to use is influenced by multiple factors such as the type of application (i.e. patio, retaining wall, cylinder, etc.), the required strength, etc. We have a list of prescribed mixes in our DIY section for different applications, but as always, you can contact our Sales and Scheduling Department and they will help you out with your project.

What affects the price of concrete?

The main driver in the pricing of concrete is the materials that are contained in the mix such as the cement content (measured in sacks), the type of rock, etc. Other factors that affect price include admixtures, color, regulatory fees, on-site personnel and equipment charges. The last factor in the price of concrete is the volume needed as well as the delivery location. Contact our Sales and Scheduling Department to get a quote for your project’s needs.

I'm overwhelmed, who can help me?

Folsom Ready Mix has a long list of reputable contractors and pumpers that we work with every day and would be happy to provide a recommendation.

What’s the benefit of pumping?

The biggest benefits of pumping are unload time and placement. Pumps can get the concrete right to the area where you are placing the material which eliminates any restrictions that might come into play with wheel barrows. Also, pumping gets the truck unloaded quickly which can save you on standby fees. Folsom Ready Mix’s policy is to allow for 10 minutes of setup and 5 minutes per yard to unload the truck. So for a 6 yard load you would get 40 minutes to unload the truck. After that there’s a $2 per minute charge to pay for the time the truck and driver must stay on site. Without a large crew manning wheel barrows, unloading as quickly as a pump is usually impossible.

How much should I order?

Folsom Ready Mix provides you with a handy tool to calculate how much yardage you need. Typically, we suggest ordering exactly what you need or as much as 10% extra to account for any depth variation in the sub-grade. This will help ensure that we have the trucks and volume you need to complete your job at the service level you expect.

Where does Folsom Ready Mix deliver?

Folsom Ready Mix delivers to most of the surrounding areas and suburbs of Sacramento as well as Anderson/Redding. Due to the locations of our plants and expected travel times, some outlying areas will require additional delivery fees. Contact our Sales and Scheduling Department for your specific location to identify any fees and scheduling considerations.

How long does it take my concrete to cure?

Many things affect the time for a batch of concrete to cure. The main factors are the cement and water content in the mix as well as thetemperature. Generally, concrete is hard enough to walk on after 24 to 48 hours but should be done so with caution as the surface is still very fragile. Concrete typically cures in full after about 4 weeks to the desired strength requirement.

How does weather affect concrete?

Weather can affect concrete in many ways, with temperature being the main issue. Other factors to consider are rain, wind and even humidity. Folsom Ready Mix provides a wide variety of admixtures that can help combat weather conditions to minimize risk. For more information, contact our Sales and Scheduling Department.

Hot Weather Concrete
Extreme heat and wind can cause accelerated set times and more rapid surface evaporation which increases the risk of cracking and decreases finishing success. We recommend the use of admixtures such as chilled water, water reducers, surface evaporation retarders and set retarders to slow the curing of the concrete to help mitigate these risks. Go here for additional technical information on Hot Weather Concrete.

Cold Weather Concrete
Extreme cold can also cause issues with concrete. Set times will increase and thermal cracking can occur from differences in temperature between the sub-grade and concrete mix. The increased set time will lead to extended finish times that can be several hours longer than normally expected. Folsom Ready Mix offers hot water and accelerators to increase set times and offset the cold weather conditions. Go Here for additional technical information on Hot Weather Concrete.

Why does my concrete crack?

A little-known fact is that all concrete cracks. Control joints are put in concrete to control where cracking occurs. However, concrete can still crack outside of controls joints and for several reasons. These include but are not limited to weather, in-sufficient sub-grade preparation, improper finishing (i.e. over-finishing), adding too much water or volume changes that occur during the curing process. In addition, it is common for concrete to crack around restraints such as poles or plumbing and corners. Folsom Ready Mix offers fiber products and other additives that will help decrease your chances of having significant cracking on your project.

What should I do after my concrete is poured?

Proper curing processes will minimize surface defects and cracking. After a concrete job is completed the most important thing to do is to keep the concrete surface from drying out too quickly. For additional technical information on proper ways to cure your concrete, please refer to American Concrete Institute’s (ACI’s) publication 308 ->Click Here

What color options are there for concrete?

Please refer here for samples of our different concrete color options through our supplier Davis Colors. Note that Folsom Ready Mix can also color match other color manufacturers with proper advanced notice.

How do I cure colored concrete?

If colored concrete is not cured properly it can lead to fading and other adverse affects. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations on curing their specific products to minimize effects. Folsom Ready Mix utilizes Davis Colors and their line of products to meet your color needs. Please refer here for Davis Colors curing recommendations.