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Folsom Ready Mix offers a wide range of concrete mix products. This includes color admixtures that are integrated into our concrete mixes.  Many people love the look and idea of colored concrete.  There can be some great advantages to using color, but customers should also be aware of the expectations that come with using these products.

Customers choose using integrally colored concrete to achieve a specific look and design that they are envisioning for a project. The coloring of fresh concrete allows people to vary the aesthetic appeal of a job.  The process of integrated color infuses concrete with rich and long-lasting color.  It’s a great way to layer color to replicate the appearance of natural stone.

Some of the key advantages of this type of colored concrete are:

  • The integrated color is part of the concrete mix. This means that no additional labor is needed to apply color after finishing the concrete.
  • Because the color is mixed in, the results will tend to be more uniform if it is finished properly.
  • Integrated color doesn’t require sealer to protect the top layer as the concrete is the same color throughout.
  • Cracks or chips will blend in, because the concrete is the same color throughout.

Our integrated color is automatically dosed at our plants to help maintain consistency across multiple loads. However, variation can occur due to the natural properties associated with our aggregates, among other factors. Many things, not just the concrete mix itself, can affect how colored concrete turns out.  This is why it’s important to set the right expectations when using color. We want our customers to be made aware that, unlike paint, whenever you’re using natural materials the colors can vary slightly from the color swatches that they have picked.  These color variations are completely normal and can lead to a unique and more natural look.

Another expectation to be aware of is that concrete can cure inconsistently across the pour. This happens especially when there is variation in sunlight and shaded areas across the pour and how that sunlight and shade hit the concrete. This variation in curing can lead to a variation in the color until the concrete is fully cured. This is why we advise our customers to wait approximately 90 to 120 days before making any judgments on the color of their concrete as the final product isn’t truly revealed until then.

Once the project is fully cured, you can truly see the benefits to the colored concrete. The entire batch of integrally colored concrete exists all the way through. It is formulated to disperse evenly. Because this color extends through the entire slab, issues like surface abrasions will not affect the overall look of the concrete.

Folsom also takes measures to make sure that our customers are extremely satisfied with their colored concrete results. These steps include checking our batch weights of the concrete as well as checking the color quantities against the certifications to ensure our mix is correct. At the end of the day, we want our customers to have a positive result and a great experience.  Our goal is to make sure that our customers have the right expectations surrounding the product, while helping them to understand the great advantages to using integrally colored concrete.

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