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VERIFI® – Coming November 1st to a Folsom Ready-Mix plant near you!  VERIFI® is an in-transit concrete management system Installed on Ready-Mix Trucks to sensor, control, and record:

•             Slump

•             Temperature

•             Load Size

•             Age

•             Water & Admixture Adjustments

•             Drum Speed & Revolutions

The Result… Optimum concrete slump control ensuring concrete arrives on site-“delivered as you ordered it.”

VERIFI® In-Transit Concrete Management System allows contractors to accelerate construction with concrete that is consistently in specification. VERIFI® automatically adds water and admixture within pre-set water / cement ratio specifications to achieve and maintain the ordered slump. All data, including slump, temperature, age, and fluid additions, is available in real-time and securely stored for viewing later.

Key Benefits:

Saves Time!

  • Concrete arrives on site ready to pour, with no need for on-site adjustments, adding water or remixing
  • Concrete is faster and easier to finish and place, so your crews can leave earlier
  • Fewer defects mean fewer delays and fewer rejected loads
  • Live map shows location of every truck en route to job site
  • Truck arrives at job site at ordered slump
  • Consistent slump leads to consistent set time

Higher Quality = Less issues before, during and after the concrete pour reducing risk of added construction costs.

Remote Monitoring via customer phone app, allows remote on-the-go monitoring of pours

  • Provides status of trucks servicing your order via GPS
  • Tracks concrete specifications and records all data while in transit

Catch bad loads, and correct them, before they cause time or money issues

To Learn More:

Email us at: sales@folsomreadymix.com OR call 916-851-8300; Option 1

Visit: https://gcpat.com/en/products/verifi-transit-concrete-management