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Folsom Ready Mix proudly joins as hole sponsor for the 3rd Annual Heart of JB Golf Tournament on June 12th at Valley High Country Club. This event is organized by the Heart of JB Foundation. Folsom Ready Mix remains committed to community engagement and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

The Heart of JB Foundation is a non-profit organization that began with a vision that all kids deserve to have that feeling of a brand new bike that allows their first taste of freedom. Started in 2017 with the goal of targeting underprivileged and high risk youth, they have been able to donate over 1700 bikes to multiple non profit’s as well as individual families. It is their vision to expand to every underserved classroom and high risk youth in the country.

In recent years, they have elevated their mission in the community and expanded their help to elderly, senior, veteran or disabled individual in their time of need by providing wheels for independence by providing a bike, wheelchair or scooter.

The funds raised during the event directly contribute to the Heart of JB Foundation’s programs, including educational initiatives, vocational training, therapeutic services, and community integration activities.

Folsom Ready Mix’s commitment to community welfare serves as an inspiration to other businesses and community members. Their participation in the 3rd Annual Heart of JB Golf Tournament at Valley High Country Club encourages others to follow suit. By actively engaging in events and initiatives that promote inclusivity and social responsibility, businesses can create a ripple effect of positive change within their communities.