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We’re excited to share a significant update on the El Dorado County Mosquito Road Bridge Project! This ambitious initiative, which aims to connect Swansboro and Placerville, California, has officially reached the halfway mark. As a key supplier of ready mix concrete, Folsom Ready Mix is proud to play an integral role in this monumental project.

Since breaking ground in September 2022, the project has progressed steadily despite the challenging terrain and weather delays. The recent completion of the footings for the bridge’s two main support pillars marked a major milestone. These footings involved pouring nearly 1,100 cubic feet of concrete, equivalent to about 120 full concrete trucks, reinforcing the critical base structures on both sides of the South Fork American River gorge.

Key Project Highlights:

  • Support Structures: The two main piers, each over 230 feet tall, are supported by 36-inch CIDH piles and 9-foot thick footing slabs. The construction of these towering supports has been a complex and carefully monitored process.
  • Retaining Walls: Over 10,000 square feet of soil nail and ground anchor retaining walls have been constructed to navigate the challenging mountainous terrain.
  • Cantilever Segments: The superstructure comprises 68 cast-in-place cantilever segments, featuring a polyester deck overlay for enhanced durability and longevity.

Despite the remote location and the complexities involved, the project is advancing with remarkable teamwork and cooperation among all parties, including government agencies, private entities, and local businesses. Our specialized concrete services have been crucial in ensuring the structural integrity and quality of the bridge components.

The next phase involves constructing the support columns, which will form the backbone of the bridge, standing over 230 feet tall and holding the deck nearly 300 feet above the river. The innovative techniques used, such as temperature sensors within the concrete and creative methods to direct concrete placement, ensure the highest standards of safety and durability.

Reflecting on the progress, El Dorado County Department of Transportation Senior Civil Engineer Aradhana Kochar remarked in the Mountain Democrat, “We just recently hit our half-done mark on the project timeline, with the bridge slated to be done in late 2025 or in 2026, depending on weather delays” .

The new Mosquito Road Bridge, set to be the largest capital project in El Dorado County’s history with a $93 million budget, will vastly improve connectivity and emergency response capabilities for the local community. Once completed, it will feature two 12-foot-wide lanes, 5-foot shoulders, and 54-inch-high barriers with timber and stone texturing.

Folsom Ready Mix remains dedicated to delivering top-tier concrete solutions for this critical infrastructure project. We look forward to continuing our contribution to the successful completion of the Mosquito Road Bridge, enhancing safety and accessibility for residents and first responders alike.

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