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We have had a very busy last few months here at Folsom Ready Mix. These six months have been filled with some big changes that we have implemented to provide better service and meet the demand of our many customers. We realize these advancements caused a few growing pains along the way but we remain committed to continually improving our business to better serve our customers. For this reason, we would like to take the opportunity to send a big thank you to those customers for their loyalty throughout this process.

Here are some of the things we have invested in and improved upon over these past six months:

Plant Improvements

We have executed plant improvements to the water system and aggregate conveyers, along with the implementation of our second plant up in Roseville, to help meet demand in that region. These items have improved our operational efficiency which in turn will help us to meet the needs of our customers’ schedules more effectively.

Scheduling Protocol Changes

To prevent overbooking, we began asking for our regular customers to get us their orders as far out as possible. The idea was that firm orders were going to take precedence over will calls in our daily schedule and when certain days were getting filled up we would proactively reach out to our customers to help lock in both of our schedules. It took us a few weeks to fully implement the new scheduling changes and get it right but in the end they have helped minimize trucks showing up late to jobs.

Fleet Additions and Improvements

This year we have invested in seven new mixer trucks. These new trucks were added to not only expand our fleet, but also as an opportunity to refresh older vehicles. These trucks help us retire older mixers that create oil leaks on job sites as well as invest in maintenance for existing trucks to be more reliable. When appropriate, we are always looking to keep a refreshed fleet on the road to reduce the number of break downs, oil leaks, and to ensure that we put our best foot forward for our customers and our customers’ customers.

Driver Recruitment and Retention

We realize that the main contact with Folsom Ready Mix on any jobsite is with our mixer driver. For this reason, we’ve made big investments in not only recruiting and hiring the best drivers out there –but also in retaining those with years of experience. This process is a constant and never-ending pursuit as the driver pool, especially in Sacramento, is limited. It often happens that a ready mix company’s fleet size and capacity exceeds the number of drivers on staff. However, we have been able to consistently keep drivers in line with our fleet size to ensure we maximize our capacity and service our customers to the fullest extent possible.

All these improvements and process changes have taken a lot of time and effort to implement. Folsom Ready Mix will always strive to continually improve and change our business practices as the industry environment changes keeping our customers well being at top of mind. Thank you again to those who persevered with us during this time of growth and development. Your loyalty is very much appreciated!