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Our first annual company party was a huge success! The party was open to all employees from all of our locations, including Anderson. All employees were invited as well as their spouse or significant other. Our out of town employees were put up in a hotel for the night so that they could enjoy the party and travel home safely the next day. It was a night to remember!

The party theme was Casino Night and it was hosted at our main office in Rancho Cordova. This Casino Night inspired party was filled with great people, great food, great entertainment, and enough raffle prizes that every employee went home with something. It was a truly memorable way to celebrate a great 2017 at Folsom Ready Mix while kicking off the New Year right! We contribute our success to the outstanding employees that we have working for us. If it weren’t for the hard work of these employees, the business wouldn’t be what it is today. We were happy to give back to them and take the time to let them know that they’re appreciated. We are looking forward to a great 2018 and more opportunity to celebrate our dedicated staff!