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University Cheer Force (UCF) is a top notch cheer program that offers great opportunities for children to grow and improve their cheerleading craft. This gym offers amazing coaches and staff who take the time to put in the hard work that help their cheerleaders succeed.  Folsom Ready Mix is happy to announce that we are now a sponsor of UCF! For those interested, they offer tumbling, competitive team, dance and cheerleading classes. You can visit their website to find more information on their classes and team events.

Getting involved and giving back to our community is extremely important to us at Folsom Ready Mix. Sponsoring local businesses is a great opportunity to get involved and we are happy to sponsor a local business that has such a great impact on the area!

From University Cheer Force:

University Cheer Force is more than a cheerleading program with multiple numbers of titles, trophies and banners. For the last 15 years our company has been dedicated to making a life-long positive impact on all of our athletes. Our teams are extremely successful and nationally recognized. We’ve won numerous titles at Cheer Sport, Spirit Sports, GSSA, Pac West, USA, Jamz Cheer, NCA, and The SUMMIT, all very challenging events. […] We know that our team members are ultimately successful even if they lose a competition. The UCF coaching philosophy is centered on our athlete’s personal growth through the entire competitive experience.

Recently, UCF headed up to Washington State to compete! They also just attended the Sacramento UCA event with their mighty Tinys! So far they have been kicking off the New Year right. We are proud to sponsor such a great organization and will continue to post updates as their competitions pile up.