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From downtown Sacramento all the way out to Auburn to the East and all the way up to Oroville to the north, Folsom Ready Mix has been servicing these areas out of our Roseville Plant since 2002!  Our Roseville location is an incredibly important piece of our Folsom Ready Mix organization and offers the same products and services as our Rancho Cordova plant. We serve all ranges of customers with varying capabilities from bridges to backyard patios and pool decks and everything in between.

Currently, we have about 20 employees working at the Roseville location. Over the last few years, we’ve made some great changes to the plant. We have implemented a new dry plant to supplement our existing wet batch plant back in 2016, giving us more plant capacity and redundancy for when plants need repairs are taken out of rotation for any reason.  We also established our new quality assurance laboratory in Roseville last year to test various aspects of our products including, but not limited to, strength, shrinkage, effects of different admixtures on our mixes and the like.

A little more about our QA lab:

Here at Folsom Ready Mix, we put a lot of pride into our work and our products to ensure our customers have the best experience we can offer.  To grant this, our new QA (quality assurance) lab was created […] to continually supply our customers with the highest quality product available on the market as well as enhance our service offering to our customers. [T]he four strategic priorities of our new QA lab are improved product quality and consistency for our everyday customers, the creation and maintenance of concrete mix designs for special projects, supporting our customers with the investigation of on the job quality issues, and the improvement of technical concrete knowledge of our own internal staff. In support of our everyday customers, the QA lab provides constant evaluation of our concrete performance and our raw materials by mixing small scale batches that mimic our daily results.  This allows us to monitor water demand, concrete temperatures and many other factors that can impact the daily performance of our concrete products.

The Roseville plant is a vital part of our team for many reasons. One of the most important benefits to our Roseville plant is its location and proximity to many of the expanding areas of Roseville and Rocklin. This increases our ability to service those areas as we can maximize the efficiency of our fleet between the plant and jobsites. This in turn allows our contractors to order trucks with smaller spacing to get their pours done quicker and save on their labor costs.

Finally, we place just as high a priority on community support and involvement at our Roseville location just as we do across the rest of the company. We are very involved in community events, fundraisers and organizations. In the area, we sponsor the Rocklin Pony Baseball league, Rocklin Girls’ Softball, and we are also a part of the Roseville Area Chamber of Commerce. For over 16 years, we have been a part of Roseville and surrounding areas. We look forward to continuing our growth in the community and in business!

Have any additional questions about our Roseville plant? Comment below and we’d be happy to answer.