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What is Fiber-Reinforced Concrete?

Fiber-reinforced concrete is concrete containing discrete synthetic fibrous material able to withstand the long-term alkaline environment of concrete. Fibers for concrete reinforcement are available in a variety of lengths, densities and blends. Fibers are introduced in to the concrete mix during the batching process. Fibers are mixed and uniformly distributed in the concrete. Samples of fibers supplied by Folsom Ready Mix are available through the sales department.

Advantages for Fiber-Reinforcement

The primary concerns of concrete are durability, cracking and cost. Concrete benefits from the introduction of synthetic fibers during initial curing age and later in its hardened age. Also, fibers can reduce the cost of concrete when used to replace rebar.


It is impossible to prevent concrete from cracking, so instead we focus on preventing the micro cracks from gaining momentum and growing in to cracks. Fibers are thoroughly mixed and evenly dispersed in the concrete. This gives the fibers the ability to stop microcracks at an early age.

Rebar and welded steel wire only provide tensile strength on a two-dimensional plane and are not dispersed throughout concrete like fiber. Additional early age benefits are also:

Reduced shrinkage cracks
Reduced plastic settlement cracks
Once concrete has reached its hardened age, fibers continue to benefit the durability by:
Decreasing permeability
Providing shatter resistance
Improved resistance to impact and abrasive forces


There is a large cost savings when replacing rebar and welded steel wire with fiber. Rebar and welded steel wire must be methodically placed before the pour by hand, generating labor and material costs. Fibers are introduced in to the mix at the batch plant resulting in no additional labor costs. Dosage rates for synthetic fibers very from 0.5 pounds per cubic yard to 5 pounds per cubic.

Interested in fiber-reinforced concrete for your next project? Contact us today to get started!


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