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Our concrete is used as an essential component of a wide range of construction projects from home builds, foundations, driveways, and sidewalks to roadways, bridges, dams, buildings, and more. Ready Mix Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates, water and admixtures. Our engineered concrete mixtures can meet virtually any industrial, infrastructure, or construction project need. It is a misconception that one load of concrete is equal to the next. Many things affect the durability, strength and appearance of concrete from when it is manufactured at the plant all the way down to the finishing process. To ensure a high quality and consistent product, Folsom Ready Mix utilizes premium, environmentally friendly materials in all its concrete to maximize strength and assist its customers in the finishing process.

We can supply materials to fit most building needs from engineered concrete mixtures to building materials, recycled aggregates, and everything in between. We offer a variety of colors and textures to meet design needs. Our mixtures are specially formulated to meet and exceed your project requirement needs. Folsom Ready Mix manufactures ready mix concrete at three manufacturing batch plants. Two servicing the Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties and one servicing the Redding Area (Anderson, CA). All facilities and equipment utilize the latest technology to ensure consistent, quality concrete. With multiple facilities, we are able to dispatch trucks from the closest batch plant to the job site, ensuring timeliness of your delivery and less downtime if more concrete is needed for your project.

To meet and exceed your expectations, we created a QA Lab (Quality Assurance Lab) to continually supply our customers with the highest quality product available on the market. The QA lab provides constant evaluation of our concrete performance and our raw materials by mixing small scale batches that mimic our daily results.  This allows us to monitor water demand, concrete temperatures and many other factors that can impact the daily performance of our concrete products.  This also gives us the ability to test our mixes at different points in the year as weather conditions change and affect items such as the temperature of our aggregates that go into the concrete mix.  Because of these seasonal changes, its imperative that real time adjustments are made at the plant level to improve quality and ensure consistency at all times throughout the year. This also provides a huge benefit to our customers in planning and ordering the right mix for their project and helps reduce the risk of cracking and other quality issues that occur during the finishing and curing process.

In addition to our everyday testing, our QA lab is critical in designing specialty mixes for jobs with specifications. Some of the data captured includes strength, set times, and shrinkage. We are constantly testing additives and specially designed mixtures to produce concrete that conforms to the high performance capabilities required for large industrial & infrastructure projects, such as bridges, highways and runways  We invite our customers to work alongside us as we put together mix designs in support of their projects.  This is a great way for our customers to expand their knowledge on the impact that concrete additives and raw materials have on the final product and also allows them to have a say in what goes into their concrete mix. You can bring us your projects specifications and we can create a specialty mix that fits the needs of your project.

We are ready for Ready Mix Concrete delivery when you are. Choose Folsom Ready Mix to get your project completed on time, according to your project specifications, with quality products and great service! Contact us today to get started: 916-851-8300.