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We have some great job site photos from our pour for Duncan Custom Concrete at the California Governor’s Mansion. They are working on this project in Sacramento and we’re glad to be a part of such a unique job!

From the California Department of Parks and Recreation:

“California’s executive mansion, popularly known as the Governor’s Mansion, was built in 1877 for Albert Gallatin, a partner in the Sacramento hardware store of Huntington & Hopkins. […] In 1887, Gallatin sold the house to Joseph Steffens, a local businessman and father of the famous journalist an author, Lincoln Steffens.

The State of California purchased the house from Steffens in 1903 for $32,500. Victorian architecture was then already somewhat out of style, but the house was suitably impressive, conveniently located, comfortable. […] The Mansion is unusual among museums in that it is not a replica nor a restoration. It stands much as it did when vacated by the Reagans in 1967.