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We are so proud to have partnered with Gold Country Wildlife Rescue this month. We donated concrete to aid in the construction of their wildlife rehabilitation project.

From Gold Country Wildlife Rescue:

“On behalf of Gold Country Wildlife Rescue, I extend our gratitude to Folsom Ready Mix for the commitment to provide nineteen cubic yards of concrete towards the construction of our outdoor wildlife rehabilitation enclosure project. […] [We have] cubs that will immediately benefit from this project, I have attached a few photos of the three bear cubs we received with burns and injuries from the Antelope and Dixie Fires. Over the weekend we received an additional three bear cubs, orphans from other parts of the surrounding region. Once the rehabilitation enclosure is constructed, all six bears will be housed in this enclosure until they are old enough to be released in the late spring/early summer of 2022. […] I again extend our gratitude to Folsom Ready Mix for the commitment of materials to this project.”

“The need for this enclosure, the project supported by the donation of concrete from Folsom Ready Mix, is related to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue’s work as part of the Wildlife Disaster Network and our efforts to care for the increasing number of injured wildlife brought to our Wildlife Intake Center each year, including those injured in a disaster. This year the disaster started with the multiple wildfires that impacted communities across Northern California and continues today in the loss of the several hundred thousand acres of habitat. Wildlife that sustained burns and injuries as victims of these fires were brough to our Wildlife Intake Center for acute medical and rehabilitative care. This includes larger mammals, primarily the three bear cubs rescued from the Antelope and Dixie fires, which will require a long-term commitment of food and resources. Our commitment to provide the three bear cubs with long-term care includes the need for an outdoor enclosure strong enough to keep them contained, and safe, with the appropriate space and enrichment opportunities to support their rehabilitative care until the CDFW determines a plan for their release sometime in the late spring/early summer of 2022. […]

The generous donation of concrete from Folsom Ready Mix will be a significant boost to our fundraising efforts. Once constructed, this permanent enclosure will remain as a resource to support the rehabilitative care of injured wildlife, including bear cubs, rescued not only from the greater Sacramento Metropolitan region but in collaboration with the needs identified by the CDFW.”

We are so thankful that we were able to contribute to such a great effort in a meaningful way. Gold Country Wildlife rescue continues to raise funds for all the bear cubs on their Bear Cub University GoFundMe page. Click here if you’d like to contribute to help them reach their goal!