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Folsom Ready Mix is in the midst of supplying ready mix concrete to Shimmick Construction for the El Dorado County Mosquito Road Bridge Project, a major initiative set to link Swansboro and Placerville, California. The project involves constructing a 1,200-foot-long balanced cantilever bridge over the South Fork American River gorge. The success of this enterprise is not only attributed to construction expertise, but also reflects a remarkable degree of teamwork involving skilled personnel from both government and private entities. Furthermore, the project highlights the commendable “patient cooperation” demonstrated by local businesses and property owners. This collective effort underscores the importance of collaboration and synergy.

Key Project Details:

  • Two main piers, each over 230 feet tall, supported by 36-inch CIDH piles and 9-foot thick footing slabs.
  • Construction of 10,000+ square feet of soil nail and ground anchor retaining walls due to challenging mountainous terrain.
  • Superstructure comprised of 68 cast-in-place cantilever segments, with polyester deck overlay for longevity.

This project presents some remote construction challenges due to the travel time and terrain associated with the location of the project making it a challenge for all parties involved to ensure a high degree of service, and high-quality concrete, essential for critical components like towering piers and cantilever segments.

Upon completion of this project, the Mosquito Road Bridge will enhance connectivity between Swansboro and Placerville, facilitating quicker access for first responders and wildfire teams to strengthen emergency response capabilities.

Folsom Ready Mix’s role in the Mosquito Road Bridge Project underscores our dedication to delivering top-tier concrete solutions for complex infrastructure projects. As this project progresses, our operation will be instrumental in the successful completion of this job.

Our specialized concrete services and products are engineered to meet project requirements and specifications. Call to get started on your next project: 775-900-2939.