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Anderson, CA – Located approximately 7 miles north of Red Bluff in Tehama County, a significant infrastructure improvement project is in progress. Folsom Ready Mix plays a key role in supplying concrete for the SB Cottonwood Scales project on Interstate 5, extending from 0.3 mile north of the Snively Road Overcrossing to 0.4 mile north of the Bowman Road Overcrossing. This endeavor aims to upgrade the southbound Cottonwood Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF) to a full Class C facility.

The upgrade seeks to streamline staffing and operational efficiency, allowing the California Highway Patrol to conduct thorough inspection and enforcement duties. The scale transformation includes constructing an inspection building and bay capable of handling overweight trucks, ensuring ample parking, and improving overall traffic flow. Additionally, the project aims to establish a robust water and sanitary sewer system to meet the facility’s operational requirements, showcasing a commitment to environmental and public health standards.

The project also involves installing new pipes beneath the I-5 mainline using directional boring, allowing for efficient and precise underground construction without disrupting interstate traffic.

Folsom Ready Mix’s involvement underscores our commitment to providing concrete solutions that contribute to the durability and longevity of infrastructure in our surrounding communities, positioning the project to make a lasting impact on Tehama County’s infrastructure and transportation landscape.

Ensure success in your infrastructure projects with Folsom Ready Mix. Project managers, call us at 916-851-8300 to secure a reliable and expert concrete partner for your next venture.