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On Tuesday, April 30th, Folsom Ready Mix will be a proud participant at the “Careers on Wheels” event hosted by Gateway International School in Sacramento, CA. This exciting event aims to introduce students from TK through 5th grade to a variety of careers by showcasing vehicles used in different professions.

Folsom Ready Mix will be on-site to provide a hands-on demonstration and share insights into the world of concrete production and delivery. The team will emphasize the importance of safety in their line of work and will inspire young minds by highlighting the exciting career opportunities within the industry.

The “Careers on Wheels” event is not only a fun experience for students but also a valuable opportunity to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world careers. By participating in this event, Folsom Ready Mix is proud to contribute to the educational journey of young students, helping them explore diverse career paths and encouraging their interests.

We are honored to have the opportunity to serve our community by participating in the ‘Careers on Wheels’ event. Events like these are crucial in fostering career awareness and inspiring the next generation of professionals. We look forward to engaging with the students and sharing our passion for concrete production and construction.

Folsom Ready Mix encourages other local businesses to join initiatives that promote career exploration among young students. Through such collaborative efforts, we can empower future generations and cultivate a skilled workforce for tomorrow’s industries.