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Folsom Ready Mix is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year! Starting in Rancho Cordova with its first location and expanding to Roseville in the mid-2000s, Folsom Ready Mix (FRM) manufactures ready mix concrete at four manufacturing batch plants. Today, two of these plants service Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado Counties, one services the Echo water tertiary treatment facility in Elk Grove, CA and one services the Redding Area from the plant in Anderson, CA. Owners, Scott & Lisa Silva, started the company 20 years ago because Scott wanted to control the delivery of concrete to his own construction jobs.

At that time, there was a huge housing boom in the greater Sacramento area. A majority of the existing ready mix producers in the area got their schedules filled with big home builders and commercial construction work so the smaller contractors all started coming to Folsom Ready Mix. The company exploded from there thanks to the relationships built with the many small contractors in the Sacramento area.  Folsom Ready Mix has since expanded its capabilities into large commercial projects, but still work tirelessly to maintain those relationships with small contractors.

In addition to loyal customers, Folsom Ready Mix also has a great set of employees that come to work daily to make the business what it is every day.  Back in 1999, the company started with less than 20 employees compared to the 120 plus employees they have today. The longest-term employee, Les Bevis, has been with FRM since their 2nd year of operation demonstrating the employee loyalty that has helped build the business to what it is today. With employee appreciation BBQs, company celebrations and more – Folsom Ready Mix continues to put high value on its employees. After 20 years they’ve learned that a great company is built on a great team of invested individuals.

Because of such dedicated and loyal employees, Folsom Ready Mix became known for its service, something they continue to strive for and promote today.  Service is one of their highest priorities, knowing that on time delivery and high-quality concrete save customers time and money on their jobsites. Today, all facilities and equipment utilize the latest technology to ensure consistent, quality, and environmentally responsible concrete. With multiple facilities, FRM can dispatch trucks from the closest batch plant to the job site, ensuring timeliness of delivery.

We also live in a state that is very environmentally conscious, and for good reason. Folsom Ready Mix works tirelessly to ensure that plants are maintained to meet any and all environmental regulations. This is especially important around the usage and recycling of water at the plants.  Additionally, FRM partners with Golden State Crushing to process come back concrete back into aggregates to be used on future construction sites as base rock or even to go back into the concrete itself when appropriate.  A lot of people perceive the Ready-Mix business to be a dirty, environmentally unfriendly, business.  However, there is a lot of effort and knowledge required around the chemistry of concrete to meet the many needs for it.  It’s not just water, sand, rock and cement powder that make up concrete anymore. Technology is advancing in a way that requires ready mix companies to be innovative and constantly learning to provide the highest quality product while staying environmentally responsible in the process.

Folsom Ready Mix has realized a lot of success over the past 20 years.  It is a company that was built upon the family values of owners Scott and Lisa. They have been fortunate enough to take that success to build a large community presence. Much of their involvement, including but not limited to sports leagues, boy scouts, FFA and school donations as well as the events they sponsor with the chamber of commerce, are focused on the children of our community.  FRM owners know that the children of our communities will continue to allow our communities to thrive.  Folsom Ready Mix is happy to help in any small way to enable and grow some of the children’s programs that will hopefully help those children someday to be more successful.  In addition, FRM has done a lot through Chico State’s CIM program, ACI and other smaller events to teach young adults the inner workings of the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry.  They do so in hopes of attracting and informing young people about the careers in the industry and to continue to promote its development. “It will be the youth that takes our industry through its next 20 years, so whatever small part we can play to enable that is definitely worth it,” says Scott Silva.  Folsom Ready Mix, its owners, and its employees are proud of what has been accomplished in the first 20 years and we look forward to what it will become in the next 20!